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Gloss Yachts cares about the environment.

Aggiornamento: 4 ott 2019

Water encompasses the globe, taking up nearly three-quarters of its mass. Commercial and recreational boating contributes the majority of the pollutants being dumped into our air & waterways. Loving the water and it’s many splendors makes it equally important to take a stand and embrace change and make a positive contribution to reversing the environmental impact on the waterways throughout the world. 

Gloss Yachts EUVES 31

Creating the Gloss Yachts EUVES 31 is something we took a personal interest in based on the environmental impact of pollutants. In commercial & recreational applications we have embraced there “has to be a better way” mindset. Our caring for the environment stems from enjoying noiseless and odorless fun on the water with friends and family. The interaction & bonding on the water create exceptional memories, without all the extras that come with traditional fossil-fueled powered vessels. 

As we approach the marine electric revolution we see a paradigm shift that will mandate the designation of MPA’s and the adaptation of clean operating marine vessels. While electric is not new to the marine industry its a technology that is slowly beginning to come into the mainstream with the advances in electric technology in the automobile industry. Tesla has paved a way for the adaptation of this clean technology. In addition companies like Torqeedo, Transfluid and Pure are creating amazing technology for the marine industry. These advances in electric propulsion are creating products that allow us to focus on leveraging the best packages and technology for the application. 

The EUVES was created with this in mind. Create a platform that can be applied to specific needs. Leveraging our naval architected catamaran hull, we have created a vessel capable of open sea, lakes, river and canal operation. The hull design allows the EUVES to move through the water with an absurd level of efficiency, and a wide beam creates one of the most spacious and functional vessels in its class. The EUVES was and has always been created as an electric vessel, from its creation by Gloss Design principal and founder Stefano Carugno. Stefano’s tenure in the marine industry has afforded his newly found Gloss Yachts with endless contacts and relationships which has made the process a labor of love.

The EUVES is the first in a series of vessels that Gloss Yachts will be creating that will be based on the electric propulsion. We have also created a survey/configurator which will allow us to drill down on the specifics for a client build. The configurator will ask a series of questions and will allow the client to pick out the platform that fits their particular needs, and then allow them to select the options. The information will be submitted so we can create a comprehensive proposal to insure a perfect fit. Like any custom item the more information you gather, the better you are able to assist the client. If you would like to learn more about the EUVES 31 feel free to visit us on the web @, and if you would like to take it a step further try out the configurator @ and allow us to answer your questions. 

We look forward to hearing from you, and what the future holds. 

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